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Mixed Media Abstract Paintings

These abstract works are made as a mediative practice aligned with the surrealist automatism ideal of making work that allows the unconscious mind to take over while suppressing the conscious mind. The outcome is not my concern, or rather not in the forefront of my mind, as I am more interested in being a vessel through which an organic mingling of materials is manifested through a spiritual experience. 

Hair Text Paintings

She touched without

asking. Although it

looked rough, it was

softer than expect-

ed. It smelled of herbs

and foreign rituals. It

was greasy. Anxiously,

she wiped her fingers.

Misled by his misuse of

the word, "exotic," she 

refused to get a job.

Instead, she worked 

what her mama gave

her. Her erotic exotic 

became the currency

she lacked in her wallet.

She was repeatedly

told to tone it down.

"All that truth," they

said, "gonna get you

in trouble." She obliged.

Only later, to imitate

what they stole from

her in the first place.

The Hair Text paintings are a body of work informed by my observations of girls and women negotiating their existence in everyday spaces. The paintings read as fragmented journal entries where synthetic hair is manipulated in to a new writing system.

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