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Lisa Diane Wedgeworth is a Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary artist employing painting, performance and video as creative processes to interpret energy as an investigation of personal and collective narratives.

Recent exhibitions include Time Being (Wonzimer), Within a Realm (Tyler Park Presents), Incantation (Orange County Center for Contemporary Art) and the 24 hour performance, For Baby's Baby (Transformative Arts). She has been invited to perform at Williams College and Northwestern University and exhibited video at the Nan Rae Gallery (Woodbury University), the artist run space AWOL and at Spilt Milk (Edinburgh Scotland).

She is a recipient of the COLA Individual Artist Fellowship (2020), the Hermitage Artist Retreat Fellowship (2018) and the Georgia Fee Artist Residency (2016, France). She has lectured about her work at colleges and universities in both Southern and Northern California while teaching as a part-time lecturer at colleges and universities in Southern California. A cultural producer, Wedgeworth exhibited emerging artists in her studio-based project space PS 2920 between 2015 - 2016 and produces the public platform, Conversations About Abstraction to share the voices of abstract artists historically excluded from the Western canon.

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