I make paintings using only black paint because I want to explore the depth of blackness; because being black in America is so complex and layered; because the black experience in the United States is beautiful, incredible, horrifying, tragic and exceptional; because being black in America is the evidence of strength, love, courage, power, beauty, warmth, creativity, discipline, commitment and excellence in spite of...

I make paintings using only black paint because the richness of black, the varied values of black I create represent the complex emotional, psychological and spiritual energies I embody.

I dig deep, reflecting on my life experiences past and current, employing the visual language of abstraction to tell, interpret and explore themes related to being an observant human being.


Lisa Diane Wedgeworth was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She was introduced to art and writing at an early age. She studied photography at Howard University, yet earned both her B.A. [2005] and M.F.A. [2014] in Studio Art from California State University, Los Angeles.

Her work is informed by memories and personal narratives that exist at varying levels of her consciousness and those she collects from observing others in public spaces. Her work takes form as painting, video, performance and collected oral histories. In paintings, abstraction is employed as a visual language to map emotional and psychological energies that are conjured as she engages and considers her personal relationships, as well as, her status as a woman in her forties. Video and durational performance are extensions of her investigations in painting in which she confronts and explores identity, gender, and trauma.


From 2015-2016, Lisa exhibited emerging artists in her studio-based project space,  PS 2920, formerly located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. She has participated in both national and international artist retreats and residencies including The Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency [2016, Paris, France] and The Hermitage Artist Retreat [2018, Englewood, Florida]. In 2017, she was awarded a fellowship by Metabolic Studio to produce new work informed by the history of The Woman’s Building and was most recently awarded a  2019 - 2020 C.O.L.A. Fellowship.

Lisa is the host of #womanpower, a City TV Santa Monica talk show dedicated to featuring smart, creative and innovative women who are active in their communities as producers, creators, entrepreneurs, those who are politically active and more. #womanpower is scheduled to launch in late 2020, stay tuned!



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