Photo: E Patrick Johnson

Four, 2019

The Virginia Wadsworth Wirtz Center, Northwestern University

Reflecting on her love life (or a lack thereof), Wedgeworth examines her status as a forty-something single black American woman. Wedgeworth rejects America’s narrative that black women are undateable; the least likely to be chosen on dating apps or are more likely to die in a plane crash than be married!  In Four, Wedgeworth’s experiential performance includes acts of confessing, pampering and potentially dating four different people from the audience (regardless of gender, perceived race, age, religion, language, political ideology or socio-economic status). During the various dating scenarios, participants will engage Wedgeworth throughout selected courses of a meal. 


"Four is a bold performance on the realities of seeking love. It is an alluring delivery of self-reflection in four courses of confessions, self-love, and dating. Wedgeworth intrepidly disrupts negative concepts about single black women with each new experience."

 - Chelle Barbour, Curator

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